Legal consultations

Business processes require legal knowledge, especially for building your own business, starting up a company, as well as further successful development of business. We will help solving the matters of legal nature, relevant to starting up of business, establishment or purchase of a company, reformation of a company, and such other changes in a company, which are legally governed and which must meet certain requirements.

We consult on the following matters:

  • Legal form of a legal entity;
  • Process of purchase of a legal entity;
  • Process of establishment of a legal entity;
  • Formation of bodies of a legal entity;
  • Influence on company’s management as per available number of shares;
  • Increase / decrease of capital;
  • Reformation or reorganization of a company, when it is voluntarily decided by the members of legal entity;
  • Influence of reformation or reorganization of a company on further operation of company;
  • Changing the management structure as well as manager of company;
  • Procedure of informing the state institutions of changes in the company;
  • Persons to represent a company: authorization, procuracy, rights and legal liability acquired under these documents.
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