Virtual Office

Virtual office service is particularly useful for those, who still do not have office premises. To ensure smooth operation of your company, we will perform all office administration works for you.

Our services:

  • granting the company’s head office and correspondence address;
  • indication containing the company’s name at the entrance to the building;
  • granting e-mail;
  • accepting / forwarding the mail;
  • accepting / forwarding the facsimiles;
  • answering the phone on behalf of a company;
  • consulting on a company, its activities, and services on the phone;
  • informing on e-mail receipt by SMS as well as forwarding thereof;
  • renting conference room;
  • renting office equipment;
  • courier services;
  • welcoming guests;
  • possibility to rent a work station or office for a short period of time;
  • booking hotels;
  • other administrative assistance.

If You have questions? Feel free to ask: or +370 5 24 835 93