Labor Law

Both individual and collective labors relations play an important role in the labor relation system. Bilateral (individual) labor relations are more common in the Republic of Lithuania. Individual labor relations are bilateral labor relations, which arise on employment contract basis. Labor relations are governed by the Labor Code and other legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

Even a smallest company has to employ people. Labor relations, arising of signing of employment contract, confer rights and duties to either party. We will help you preparing various employee related documents and consult on the labor law related matters.

We consult on:

  • Employment;
  • Suspension and dismissal of employees from work;
  • Working and resting time;
  • Wages and guarantees;
  • Rights and duties of employees;
  • Rights and duties of employer;
  • Pecuniary liability of an employee;
  • Collective labor relations;
  • Safety and health of employees;
  • Health and safety at work instruction;
  • Disputes between employer and employee in the company.

 We help preparing or filling in necessary documents:

  • Individual employment contracts;
  • Registers of employment contracts;
  • Job descriptions of employees;
  • Rules of procedure for employees;
  • Company manager’s orders within safety and health of employees as well as other orders;
  • Certificates of safety and health status of employees;
  • Collective employment contracts of a company;
  • Other documents.

Collective contract of a company is a written agreement between employer and employees’ collective of a company on work, wages, and other social as well as economical conditions. The parties of such contract are employees’ collective of a company and employer, represented by the union, operating in the company, and company manager or authorized officeholders of administration. In a collective contract the parties establish work related, professional, social, and economic conditions as well as guarantees, which are not governed by the laws, other standard legal acts, or national, branch, and territorial collective contract, or which are not against them and do not aggravate the employees’ status. Company’s collective contract is drawn in companies, institutions, and organizations of any type.

The order of preparation, registration, and storage of employment related documents is basically established by the Minister of Social Security and Labor ( or

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