Companies for sale

Sale of Ready-made companies is a process, during the course whereof already established and ready for operation company is acquired. The contract of purchase and sale of the company sold is signed as well as all necessary documents relevant to changes in the shareholders and manager of the company sold are prepared for the Center of Registers during the course of process of sale of new private limited company.

The company’s sale documents are prepared within one hour. It means that all procedures related to sale of shares of a private limited company are arranged during the course of one meeting.

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A newly appointed manager of the company sold can submit a notification of employment (1-SD) on the same day, when the shares of the company sold are assigned. Other employees may be employed on the same day as well.

The data is updated within three working days following the submission of documents on the changes in shareholders and director of the company sold to the Center of Registers. After the data on changes in shareholders has been updated by the Center of Registers, a new manager of the company can arrive to the bank and validate his signature. Though the Center of Registers enters the modifications within three working days, the manager and the shareholders can start officially holding their office and act for and on behalf of the company on the same day, when the company is sold.

At the moment of sale of the Ready-made company new shareholders of the company are handed over all documents of the company: articles of association, expanded extract, policyholder’s certificate, bank contracts (accumulation and settlement accounts), register of share transactions, securities account, and general ledger. A round seal of the company sold is handed over as well.

All expenses are included in the price during the course of sale of Ready-made company. There are no extra charges for the notary public or the Center of Registers.

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